Maki Kaji, 'father of sudoku,' dead at 69

National Aug 17, 2021

Maki Kaji, 'father of sudoku,' dead at 69

Maki Kaji, the man dubbed the "father of sudoku" for his role in popularizing the numerical brainteaser game loved by millions, has died of cancer. He was 69. In a notice posted on Monday by Nikoli, his publisher in Japan, Kaji died at his home ...

National Jun 16, 2007

Sudoku 'godfather' wants to puzzle more

by Nanae Kemmochi and Kazuo Mikami

The self-proclaimed godfather of sudoku wants to cultivate a specialized logic-game market of puzzle fans worldwide who appreciate handcrafted games. "I want to seek out puzzle fans around the world and bring Nikoli puzzles to them," said Maki Kaji, president of Tokyo-based Nikoli Co. Nikoli introduced ...

Editorials Oct 9, 2005

Nine numbers and 81 squares

Human beings are a famously diverse lot. We come in different colors and sizes, speak a Babel of tongues, worship a pantheon of gods or no god at all, eat our foods bland or spicy, vote or not, and are sorely divided over the ...

National Oct 7, 2005

Sudoku named word of the year

Sudoku, the name of the Japanese logic puzzle that has taken Britain by storm -- has been named "word of the year" by the Language Report published Wednesday. Author Susie Dent said sudoku "burst onto the scene" in a fraction of the time it would ...