Commentary / World Jul 10, 2012

Follies of overconfident, arrogant government may be setting the stage for a cyber meltdown

by Hanns W. Maull, Amelie Bottollier, Elisabetta Povoledo, Nat.Dal and Kenneth Rogoff

When the financial crisis of 2008 hit, many shocked critics asked why markets, regulators and financial experts failed to see it coming. Today, one might ask the same question about the global economy's vulnerability to cyber attack. Indeed, the parallels between financial crises and the ...

Editorials Dec 29, 2009

The past year of newness

The Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation's annual kanji of the year for 2009 is, appropriately, " " (shin), meaning "new." This kanji, chosen by national ballot and announced in December at Kyoto's Kiyomizu temple, reflects the win of the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), ...