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May 28, 2009
Obituary: Miyuki Ishimoto
Award-winning lyricist Miyuki Ishimoto, who came up with the words to some of the nation's most popular hits, died Wednesday, his family said. He was 85.
May 28, 2009
Obituary: Azusa Nakajima
Literary critic Azusa Nakajima, whose real name was Sumiyo Imaoka, died Tuesday of pancreatic cancer at a Tokyo hospital, her office said Wednesday. She was 56.
Apr 3, 2009
Obituary: Kosuke Koyama
Kosuke Koyama, a theologian internationally known for his role in developing global Christianity, died of pneumonia on March 25, the Union Theological Seminary in New York said Wednesday. He was 79.
Jan 31, 2009
Obituary: Gosuke Uchimura
Gosuke Uchimura, a renowned scholar of Russian literature who wrote about his experience in a Siberian prison, died of heart failure Friday in a hospital in Tokyo, family members said. He was 88.
Japan Times
Dec 20, 2008
Obituary: Tetsu Ueda
Tetsu Ueda, ardent guardian of the pacifist Constitution and a former lawmaker from the now-defunct Japan Socialist Party, died Wednesday of pneumonia at a Tokyo hospital, his family said Friday. He was 80.
Nov 13, 2008
Obituary: Yukika Sohma
Yukika Sohma, president of the nonprofit Association of Aid and Relief, died Saturday in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture. She was 96.
Oct 31, 2008
Obituary: Koichiro Ueda
Former Japanese Communist Party Vice Chairman Koichiro Ueda died Thursday of chronic respiratory failure at a Tokyo hospital, the JCP said. He was 81.
Sep 11, 2008
Obituary: Satoshi Sumita
Satoshi Sumita, who headed the Bank of Japan during the nation's asset bubble in the late 1980s, has died. He was 92.
Aug 14, 2008
Obituary: Shuichiro Yamanouchi
Shuichiro Yamanouchi, former chairman of East Japan Railway Co. and president of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), died of heart failure at a hospital on Aug. 8, people close to him said Wednesday. He was 75.
Aug 1, 2008
Obituary: Seiichiro Kudo
Seiichiro Kudo, a scholar of Russian literature who translated numerous Russian literary works into Japanese, died July 9 in Sapporo, his family said Thursday. He was 86.
Jul 27, 2008
Obituary: Akiho Miyashiro
Akiho Miyashiro, a Japanese geologist renowned for his research in plate tectonics, was found dead Thursday in a forest park in New York, local police said Friday. He was 87.
Jul 15, 2008
Obituary: Susumu Ono
Susumu Ono, a prominent linguist known for his groundbreaking research into the origins of the Japanese language, died Monday of heart failure at a Tokyo hospital, his family said. He was 88.
Jul 11, 2008
Obituary: Yoji Totsuka
Yoji Totsuka, a particle physicist known for his groundbreaking discovery about neutrinos, died Thursday of multiple organ failure caused by cancer, his family said. He was 66.
Japan Times
Nov 10, 2007
Late architect Kisho Kurokawa's mecca built on philosophy
Not many people get to build cities and choose prime ministers, yet that was his claim to fame. In one of the last interviews before his death on Oct. 12, self-styled leader of the Symbiosis movement Kisho Kurokawa talked about the ups and downs of life as a mainstream architect, political maverick and...


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