Business Sep 18, 2019

Japan considers adding economic division to national security unit

Japan is considering adding an economic division to the National Security Secretariat, government sources said Wednesday, as part of efforts to enhance the functions of the policy-coordination unit, which at the moment is primarily focused on foreign affairs. The planned reform comes as the NSS ...

National May 8, 2014

Minutes of NSC meetings to be kept under wraps, document says

Japan has decided not to disclose the minutes of the new National Security Council's meetings from December to March to avoid compromising Japan's intelligence gathering capabilities and national security, a document obtained Thursday said. The government decided on May 1 not to make the minutes ...

National Dec 17, 2013

Japan adopts new security strategy to counter assertive China

Japan on Tuesday adopted a new national security strategy, pledging to beef up defenses against an increasingly assertive China to protect its territory, as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe aims to boost Tokyo's standing as a contributor to global peace and security. In the national security ...

Editorials Dec 1, 2013

NSC council has dangerous flaws

The Upper House has enacted a law that establishes a Japanese version of the U.S. National Security Council. But there's no guarantee the NSC will contribute to the government's making rational security and diplomatic decisions.

Editorials Nov 8, 2013

NSC and secrecy bills pose dangers

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's policy of "proactive pacifism" must be stopped before it destroys the Constitution's war-renouncing principle and Japan's traditional defense-only posture.