National May 2, 2016

Japan, Philippines strike deal on leasing MSDF aircraft

Japan has agreed to lease Maritime Self-Defense Force TC-90 training aircraft to the Philippines, the Defense Ministry said Monday, marking the first time for Japan to lend military aircraft to a foreign country. Defense Minister Gen Nakatani and Philippine Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin confirmed the ...

National Aug 27, 2015

Japanese astronaut Kanai to travel to space in 2017

by Shusuke Murai

Norishige Kanai used to be a Maritime Self-Defense Force doctor specializing in undersea medicine, but in 2017 he will take a huge leap, as he puts it, "from deep sea to space." Kanai will travel aboard the Soyuz spacecraft into space, beginning a six-month journey ...

MSDF plays up airborne patrols

National May 16, 2014

MSDF plays up airborne patrols

The Maritime Self-Defense Force for the first time has allowed reporters onboard a P-3C patrol plane during a nighttime surveillance training flight designed to prepare for an invasion or other threat to Japan. Such patrols are held regularly as part of warning and surveillance operations ...

National Apr 18, 2014

MSDF armada masses; first order is curry contest

by Reiji Yoshida

One key mission of a group of 15 Maritime Self-Defense Force warships, including four of the nation's six state-of-the-art Aegis destroyers, is generating a nationwide buzz on the Internet. The ships will gather Saturday at the MSDF base in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture. Why so many warships? ...

Reader Mail Feb 22, 2009

Allow teachers to decide policy

Japan is in an economic meltdown: plunging exports, factory closures, layoffs, corruption, shoddy workmanship, a drunk finance minister. So why not let Japan's English teachers create a rescue plan? Am I a raving loony? Well, consider: English teachers are every bit as qualified to forge ...