Editorials Feb 7, 2015

20 million tourists no pipe dream

The goal of attracting 20 million foreign visitors to Japan annually by the time Tokyo hosts the 2020 Summer Olympic Games is no longer considered the stuff of dreams if the tourism industry doesn't forget the basics.

Editorials Oct 18, 2014

Knowing your nearest volcano

There seems to be a deep-seated reluctance on the part of Japan's tourism industry to highlight the dangers of volcanic eruptions, out of concern that such information could be bad for business. Japanese authorities could learn a thing or two from other countries about ...

Editorials Oct 1, 2014

Drawing more tourists to Japan

Aided by robust travel demand from East Asian countries, the number of foreign visitors to Japan reached 8.63 million in the January-August period, and officials estimate the annual figure will reach 12 million.

Editorials May 31, 2014

Tourists rate Tokyo top city

Tokyo has been voted the world's most satisfying of 37 major world cities for 2013, but the tourist industry needs to work on increasing accessibility to Japan's cultural attractions.

Editorials Jan 6, 2014

Attracting more tourists to Japan

If Japan is really serious about attracting 20 million tourists a year by the time of the 2020 Olympics, the nation has a lot more to do to make visitors feel more welcome.