Sumo Mar 13, 2021

First sumo stable run by foreign-born elder to close

The Azumazeki stable, sumo's first to be opened by a foreign-born sumo elder, former sekiwake Takamiyama, and home to the sport's first foreign yokozuna, Akebono, will close its doors and merge with the Hakkaku stable, the Japan Sumo Association announced Friday. After a trailblazing career ...

Hakuho victorious on Day 1 in front of empty arena

Sumo / Basho Reports Mar 8, 2020

Hakuho victorious on Day 1 in front of empty arena

Hakuho made a winning start to the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament on Sunday, overpowering Endo at an empty Edion Arena Osaka. The 15-day tournament is taking place behind closed doors after the Japan Sumo Association earlier this month made the unprecedented decision to keep out ...

Sumo 101: JSA chairman

Sumo Jul 21, 2019

Sumo 101: JSA chairman

by John Gunning

The Japan Sumo Association's highest authority is the chairman of its board of directors. The current occupant is 56-year-old Hakkaku, who has been in power since 2015. Like the majority of his predecessors, Hakkaku is a former yokozuna. Known as Hokutoumi when at that rank, he won ...

Sumo plagued by violence, harassment in 2018

Sumo Dec 25, 2018

Sumo plagued by violence, harassment in 2018

The violence and scandals that have plagued Japan's sumo world came full circle just after the year's sixth and final tournament, leaving maiden victories by the sport's young up-and-comers in the shadows. Revelations of violence, harassment and antiquated traditions dogged the country's once-venerable sport in ...

Sumo Jan 29, 2016

Hakkaku, Takanohana keep seats on JSA board

Japan Sumo Association chairman Hakkaku and former yokozuna Takanohana retained their posts as JSA directors on Friday. With 11 sumo elders running for 10 director positions on the board of directors, the odd man out was Takashima who reached the rank of sekiwake under the ...

Sumo Dec 18, 2015

Hakkaku appointed JSA chairman

The Japan Sumo Association board of directors on Friday named stable master and former wrestler Hakkaku as its new chairman. The 52-year-old Hakkaku, formerly the yokozuna Hokutoumi, has been serving as the JSA's acting chairman since the death of chairman Kitanoumi in November. "I feel a ...

Sumo Dec 17, 2015

Hakkaku the likely choice for JSA's next chairman: source

The Japan Sumo Association is expected to name its senior executive manager, Hakkaku, as the organization's next chairman, a JSA source said Thursday, a day before the board of directors makes its choice. The 52-year-old Hakkaku, former yokozuna Hokutoumi, has been serving as acting chairman ...

Sumo Nov 22, 2015

JSA to hold election for new chairman

The Japan Sumo Association will elect a new chairman on Dec. 18 to replace the late Kitanoumi, a JSA official said Sunday. Hakkaku, the JSA's senior executive manager, has been serving as acting chairman following Kitanoumi's death on Friday evening. The election to appoint Kitanoumi's ...