Business / Corporate Apr 18, 2018

Stroller-makers Combi and Aprica raided for alleged antitrust violation

The Fair Trade Commission on Wednesday searched the headquarters of major stroller and baby product-makers Aprica Children's Products G.K. and Combi Corp. for allegedly violating antitrust regulations. The companies are suspected of setting resale prices and instructing retailers through wholesalers not to sell below specified ...

Major department store chains raided over alleged price-fixing cartel

Business Jul 20, 2017

Major department store chains raided over alleged price-fixing cartel

The Fair Trade Commission has searched major department store chains mostly in western Japan on suspicion they formed a price cartel to inflate shipping charges for their products. The FTC's inspections over the alleged price-fixing practice were conducted Wednesday at seven chains, including Osaka-based Takashimaya ...

Business Jul 14, 2016

FTC reviewing whether no-resale LNG contracts are illegal

The Fair Trade Commission is investigating whether clauses in contracts for liquefied natural gas that restrict buyers from reselling the fuel violate the competition laws of the world's largest user of the super-chilled gas, according to people with knowledge of the matter. The investigation is ...