Editorials May 3, 2015

The same old energy mix

The government's draft for Japan's energy mix in 2030 makes it clear that the Abe administration is pursuing a return to the nation's energy landscape that existed before the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Commentary / World Mar 15, 2015

Mongolia's 'third neighbor'

by Michael Sutton

The Economic Partnership Agreement signed by Japan and Mongolia last month is of strategic importance with regard to Mongolia's mineral deposits, especially coal, as Japan contemplates an energy mix that is less dependent on nuclear power.

Editorials Feb 26, 2015

An agreeable energy mix

The government has begun discussions on Japan's long-term energy mix, with the likely focus on how much nuclear power should account for the nation's electricity supply.

National Jan 23, 2015

Government mulls 15%-20% target for nuclear power output by 2030

Japan is mulling setting the proportion of electricity to be generated by nuclear power at around 15 to 20 percent in 2030, lower than the 28.6 percent in fiscal 2010 before the Fukushima nuclear disaster, government officials said Thursday. The government will also consider providing ...

Commentary / World Jul 13, 2014

Squeezing the friendly fire out of ol' King Coal

by John Kemp

There is no way to meet growing global demand for electricity that does not rely on large amounts of coal-fired power generation for the foreseeable future. The challenge is to burn coal more cleanly, producing more electricity with fewer emissions of CO2 and other ...

National Mar 30, 2014

Green energy feud holds energy policy hostage

The ruling parties and the government are still butting heads on how to rewrite the nation's energy policy as renewable energy continues to be a major sticking point. "We were expecting the government to present the final draft so we could endorse it and set ...

Business Oct 25, 2013

Energy mix to be set in three years

Industry minister Toshimitsu Motegi said Friday the administration will start working on setting a goal in three years for the best national energy mix and reach it within the following 10 years, taking into account the amount of renewable energy available and the number ...