National Sep 2, 2014

Ex-Aum member Takahashi denies role in Tokyo subway gas attack

A former member of Aum Shinrikyo plans to deny involvement in the doomsday cult's deadly 1995 sarin nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway system, sources said. Katsuya Takahashi, 56, also intends to deny some of the charges against him in connection with two other ...

Asahara's lawyers blame murders on Aum disciples

National Oct 31, 2003

Asahara's lawyers blame murders on Aum disciples

by Yumi Wijers-Hasegawa

Lawyers representing Aum Shinrikyo founder Shoko Asahara argued Thursday that their client is innocent of masterminding a series of grisly crimes, including two fatal sarin gas attacks. The lawyers instead blamed Asahara's followers in the doomsday cult. On the first of two days of closing arguments ...