Editorials Apr 30, 2017

China's new aircraft carrier

China's military developments are incompatible with its claim to a "peaceful rise" and its argument that its military buildup is aimed at self-defense.

More Chinese naval ships sail through Miyako Strait

National Apr 28, 2017

More Chinese naval ships sail through Miyako Strait

by Jesse Johnson

The Chinese Navy has again sent vessels through the Miyako Strait, a strategic entryway into the Western Pacific between the islands of Miyako and Okinawa, as part of drills, Chinese state-run media said. The exercises, held Thursday, are the latest near Japanese territory as the ...

National Feb 9, 2016

Chinese spy ship frequently spotted off Boso Peninsula

The Defense Ministry said Monday in Tokyo that a Chinese naval intelligence vessel has been seen sailing outside the contiguous zone off Japan's Boso Peninsula,Chiba Prefecture, several times since Thursday. The vessel did not enter Japanese territorial waters, the ministry said, adding it is the ...

National / Politics Apr 21, 2014

Chinese admiral to snub Japan at meeting

The commander of the Chinese Navy will refuse to meet Japanese military officials at a regional naval symposium in China this week, a navy spokesman was quoted as saying on Sunday, citing what he called hurtful actions by Japanese leaders. The decision to snub Japanese ...