Business Mar 1, 2016

Kuraray, Unitika raided over alleged bid-rigging for SDF uniforms

The government's antitrust watchdog on Tuesday conducted on-site inspections of major textile and clothing makers Kuraray Co. and Unitika Ltd. following allegations the companies rigged bids to produce combat fatigues and other uniforms for the Self-Defense Forces. The Japan Fair Trade Commission is also believed ...

Business Jan 28, 2015

Major paving firms allegedly rigged bids for 3/11 projects

The Fair Trade Commission has searched the offices of 13 major road-paving firms on suspicion they violated the anti-monopoly law by rigging their bids for projects to repair expressways damaged by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in the Tohoku region. Among the companies raided ...

Railway agency officials face bid rigging charges

National Mar 4, 2014

Railway agency officials face bid rigging charges

Prosecutors plan to build a case against senior officials of a government-backed railway construction agency over alleged bid rigging in connection with projects for the Hokuriku bullet train line, sources said Tuesday. Officials of the Japan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency are suspected of ...