Reader Mail Aug 6, 2009

Flash card learning has its limits

As an educator working hard to overcome the misplaced faith in rote memorization that has long hampered Japan's ability to effectively learn English, I was extremely disappointed to read Koichi Ko's July 29 article, " Web-based flash cards will dazzle language learners." ...

Commentary Apr 7, 2008

Starving the emissions beast

by Takamitsu Sawa

The focus of the debate on climate change has shifted drastically in the past several years. The Kyoto Protocol was signed in 1997 on the assumption that climate change and global warming were being caused by emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse ...

Editorials Mar 16, 2008

Renewable energy surges forward

Renewable energy is developing rapidly in terms of investment and energy production. The Renewable Energy 2007 Global Status Report made public in late February is food for thought for energy policymakers, citizens, and power and other companies. Renewable electricity generation capacity reached an estimated ...