A lot of shocking facts caused by plastic are prevailing around the globe these days through Twitter, Instagram, television and newspapers, and this leads quite a few people to be anti-plastic; they use paper-made materials and boycott such products as plastic bottles and plastic bags. This is thought of as a positive movement toward making a better environment for every organism and the Earth.

I, however, do not think shifting to paper materials from plastic ones is the best solution. What we need when making paper is trees. Our appetite for paper goods is satisfied by cutting down trees. As more trees are logged, the greener areas on Earth will disappear. When this occurs, it is followed by additional negative consequences: extinction of species, climate change and natural disasters such as flooding.

I am not saying that avoidance of plastic materials is unacceptable. I think oceans and sea creatures can be helped by such a movement, but moving to 100 percent dependency on paper would lead to deforestation.

It will be very difficult to find the best solution for all, including animal life and our planet, but I don’t want people to try to move forward by putting the cart before the horse.


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