Regarding the story “LGBT relations a ‘hobby‘: lawmaker” in the Aug. 3 edition, LDP Lower House member Tom Tanigawa pulled a play straight out of the Trump playbook and tried to deflect criticism from his comments on same-sex marriage.

By saying that he did not intend to discriminate against same-sex couples but rather wanted to point out that the Constitution makes it difficult to legalize same-sex marriage is a terrible attempt at playing with words. Anybody who has read the Constitution knows that it would need to be amended in order for same-sex marriage to be legal. Of course that is an uphill battle and nobody is denying that.

The notion that homosexuality is some kind of “hobby” of sorts sounds similar to what an evangelical lawmaker from the U.S. would say. This is out of touch and insensitive, and Tanigawa should be voted out of office in the next election. Even after another LDP lawmaker had her disturbing thoughts on the LGBTQ community published in a conservative magazine recently, that has not kept Tanigawa from avoiding a similar backlash. It seems that he was willing to double down and stick to his ideas. This would be worth admiring if only I thought he was right. But sadly, Tanigawa and Mio Sugita are wrong in their views.

I take comfort in knowing that these lawmakers are still young and able to pivot their agendas in more productive ways. It would be beneficial for them to go out and talk to people within the LGBTQ community and realize how wrong they are. Otherwise I would have to say that time is not on their side and they will go extinct just like the dinosaurs did.


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