I have not always worked in the communications industry. I started my career in a totally different industry: finance.

When I first moved to the world of marketing and communications some two decades ago I was always confused, even annoyed, at the way people in the industry would refer to the "personality" of the brand or how people saw their "relationship" with the brand. At the time it seemed quite silly that a brand could actually have a personality and I could have a relationship with my favorite fizzy drink.

Over time I have come to understand, and even accept, that brands do have personalities. I venture to say that we would all agree that the personality of a brand such as Red Bull is very different from, say, Mitsuya Cider. Many of you may even agree that the personality of the Toyota brand is different from that of Mercedes-Benz. Some of you may even agree that a Mercedes-Benz has a different brand personality from a BMW. I have come to understand this.