Won’t the lovely foreign women and girls coming to Tokyo in summer 2020 be thankful for those security cameras? (“JR to install security cameras on Yamanote Line trains“, June 8.) In the past, the perverted Japanese salaryman who thinks sexually molesting women and girls of all ages is just an amusing “hobby” and has treated the densely crowded Yamanote Line as his “happy hunting grounds” will face a much more combative society, a more gender equality minded society that’s grown tired of his sexual assaults and/or predatory nature.

Japan’s chikan (groper) is not simply a public nuisance, he’s a dangerous criminal, much like the rapist, and should be swiftly arrested when caught in the act.

Here’s an idea — why not assign young policewomen to pose as office ladies, cute schoolgirls or college students on various commuter trains in Tokyo, especially during rush hour? Or have male cops who look a bit feminine in female attire ride the rush-hour trains wearing women’s clothing?

The number of arrests would be astonishing and would include some of Tokyo’s most high ranking members of society. Chikan who come from the upper ranks of Tokyo’s social hierarchy have never worried about being caught red-handed in the past. Most of these privileged perverts were confident that their important social position would protect them. The criminal nature of their offense is only surpassed by their obvious contempt for women and their misogynist arrogance. As Bob Dylan used to sing, “the times they are a changin.’ “


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