Regarding the story “Trump rips U.S. defense of Japan” in the Aug. 7 issue, there’s an old saying: “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” Same goes for military spending: If you think defense spending is too expensive, try paying for World War III.

It’s imperative for peace and stability in the Asian region for the United States to provide Japan with strong military support. I doubt if Donald Trump has ever read a history book, even during his “daze” as a business student. He has no experience and very limited knowledge of U.S. foreign affairs, except in the bedroom. Trump is a big fat idiot and should stick to building his famous phallic towers and chasing trophy wife number four.

Hillary Clinton is no saint but being president of the U.S. isn’t about sainthood. At least she has experience in diplomacy and has ties to government leaders across the globe.

Trump only has ties to international dating clubs.

Robert Mckinney

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