The Islamic State group may have nothing to do with any of the recent high-profile terror attacks for which it has claimed credit. No matter: It's such a strong brand that it's firmly associated with the atrocities in the minds of those who rarely read past the headlines. More importantly, they bear the IS stamp in the minds of those who are tempted to blow something up or go out and shoot some strangers; a modern brand, created for a world of ready anger and short attention spans.

IS' claims of responsibility rarely come with anything other than a scant level of detail available to anyone who has read a few accounts of the attack on the internet. While crediting itself with the Paris attacks of last November, IS said: "And so eight brothers equipped with explosive belts and assault rifles attacked precisely chosen targets in the center of the capital of France. These targets included the Stade de France stadium during a soccer match — between the teams of Germany and France, both of which are crusader nations — attended by the imbecile of France (Francois Hollande).

"The targets included the Bataclan theater for exhibitions, where hundreds of pagans gathered for a concert of prostitution and vice. There were also simultaneous attacks on other targets in the 10th, 11th and 18th districts, and elsewhere."