Regarding the March 8 AFP-JIJI article “Russia stands firm on Crimea standoff despite sanctions“: The illegal breakup of Yugoslavia occurred under similar conditions. Yugoslavia’s constitution, [for which revisions] had to have majority approval by all six of Yugoslavia’s republics, was disrespected.

Yet, the West illegally recognized Croatia and Slovenia before the proper and civilized treatment of minorities within these republics could be ascertained. A tragic civil war resulted.

On top of that, NATO viciously bombed Serbia in 1999, violating international law, the U.S. war powers resolution of 1973 and NATO’s own “defensive” charter, even though Serbia was not a threat to NATO member nations. All of this illegal activity culminated in the theft of Kosovo from Serbia in 2008.

Given this “might makes right” behavior displayed by the West, why should we expect the Russians to act any differently with regard to Ukraine, especially when a majority of Crimea’s citizens want to return to Russia? Hypocrisy is the root of human folly, and this might bring us World War III very soon.

michael pravica
henderson, nevada

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