My question is why not [kill whales off Antarctica]? I ask the question respectfully because I do not yet have an answer. In an otherwise nicely balanced article with quite interesting historical background and devoid of the emotional hysteria that usually accompanies articles on this subject, C.W. Nicol failed to provide an answer to my question.

Ever since the anti-whaling campaigns started, I have been scratching my head trying to understand what the campaigners are really protesting against. I understand that feelings run high and that many good people, mainly in the West, are indignant or angry or worse. But what exactly is their point?

I had long stopped reading on the subject but was attracted to this article and thought I might finally find the answer. That is why I was a little disappointed that all Nicol could give us for an answer were phrases like “there has been little research to show for it” and “fewer and fewer Japanese eat whale nowadays.”

Nicol goes on to state his opinion that Japan should cease killing whales in the Antarctic. But he falls in the same trap when he gives the reason as “not needed.”

Are we to understand that the furor of good men and women in the West is all about the Japanese failing to follow their advice about what they need to do?

robert domloge

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