An expression of human nature

Regarding the Sept. 1 letter by Jennifer Kim titled “The Catholic acceptance of gays“: Yes, I know, this isn’t the first time I’ve locked horns with Kim over the issue of gay rights, which is really about human rights. Homosexuality is no longer a sin, a crime, or an act of insanity. It’s simply another expression of human nature, hopefully the more loving nature.

Much as I supported racial equality in the 1960s, I’ve always supported gay rights or gay “behavior.” Did Jesus ever suggest that homosexuality was a sin? If I recall my Sunday school lessons, we are all sinners (if you believe in the myth of Adam and Eve). I’ve always admired pre-Christian Polynesian culture. The early Polynesians had no concept of shame or sin when it came to human sexuality. They wouldn’t have understood Western man’s ideas about “original sin” or the idea that nudity was offensive to God.

Mark Twain delighted in visiting the Hawaiian islands back in the mid-19th century. He took note that the native Hawaiian had no knowledge of hell or damnation, no sense of shame or Christian sin and most importantly, no need for such neurotic theology. Those Hawaiians were a happy people. Ah, to have lived in Hawaii or Tahiti before the Christian missionary arrived! That would have been a paradise on this Earth. Paul Gauguin certainly thought so, though even he arrived a bit too late.

Twain was convinced that if Jesus ever did return, the last thing he’d ever want to be is a “Christian.”

robert mckinney
otaru, hokkaido

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  • beeblebrox

    Absence from their cultures of a doctrine of fall from grace, or of hell, shame or sin does not mean that Polynesians did not suffer the same metaphysical hurdles of life as ancient Hebrews did, or medieval Christians, etc. The idea that Hawaiians were happy people before exposure to Europeans, or of the tropical paradise are a Western Rousseauean myth. In this case, some Westerners like to fanaticize about the clean beach, the bare-breasted girls, the sunny weather, and ignore the vicious tribal infighting that made their lives just as miserable, vulgar, ugly and short as Europeans. Or not.