The old man and his reputation

While telling us of the important contributions he has made to the consumption of whiskey in Japan, both by his own efforts in that direction and by the good advice he says he gives its makers, C.W. Nicol, in his July 7 article ‘Water of life’ helps to keep spirits up,” also refers to “good old Bill Clinton.”

Clinton is certainly old; his goodness is not as apparent. While president of the United States, he was impeached for perjury in the matter of his sexual exploitation of a White House intern. There is also a body of opinion that considers decisions he made as commander in chief of the U.S. Armed Forces to have been neither ethical nor humane.

brian redmond

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    While one may disagree with many of Clinton’s policies as president of the US, he certainly has been busy with a diverse range of laudable charitable projects since. Like anyone, Clinton has his faults, but he’s done more than most (likely including both you and me) to help alleviate suffering around the world.