Mild wisecrack in comparison

On behalf of Christians everywhere, I apologize to Drusilla de Lanor for making her think she has to “walk on eggshells” around us. I share her view that Brian Redmond overreacted to Amy Chavez’s “that guy on the cross” quip, although not for the same reason. While De Lanor thinks Redmond’s letter was “bigoted” (against whom?), I thought his letter was merely unnecessary.

That’s because to me, Chavez’s wisecrack was quite mild compared to the filth often spewed these days about Jesus Christ, His Blessed Mother, His church and His followers.

I hope De Lanor doesn’t think I’m complaining or “playing the victim card.” To me and most other Christians, insults against our faith aren’t just par for the course; they’re actually a blessing. (“That guy on the cross” told us so; see Matthew 5:11-12 for details.) As for De Lanor’s question, “Is [Christians’] faith so weak that (Chavez’s quip) is going to hurt them?”: The answer is no. She may be pleased (or maybe not) to know that our faith is rock-solid — despite the rocks that are thrown at it regularly.

Redmond’s letter was “bullying,” at least in De Lanor’s mind — and for that, too, an apology is owed her. How dare a Christian express an opinion that De Lanor doesn’t like! The nerve of Redmond, offending De Lanor’s delicate anti-Christian sensitivities to the point of making her write an angry letter to The Japan Times!

I commend De Lanor for coming to Chavez’s defense — after all, it’s not as if Chavez accused all Christians of bigotry or bullying just because one of them wrote a letter asking that a little respect be shown toward his faith.

jennifer kim
obihiro, hokkaido

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