• Koyaguchi, Wakayama


Since I first heard of the physical abuse perpetrated against students by a basketball coach at Osaka’s Sakuranomiya Senior High School, I’ve been waiting fruitlessly to hear of the coach’s arrest on assault charges. I cannot for the life of me understand why this man is not being prosecuted.

The Jan. 23 Kyodo article “School’s special phys ed slots axed” describes an official response to the coach’s repeated beating of one student — a wrist-slapping revocation of physical education slots at Sakuranomiya High.

On the same page is a Jiji news brief titled “U.S. sailor (from Yokosuka navy base) held for assaulting guard.” It states that a drunken sailor is suspected of punching an adult security guard once at a Yokohama Station building. Once!

By all means, the sailor should be held fully responsible for his action. But how is it that an adult coach gets a free pass on striking minors repeatedly to the point that one of them sees no other means of escape from future assaults than suicide?

From what I’ve read, I get the impression that the coach might not even lose his job over the matter. Am I really living in a civil, rational society?

william murphy
koyaguchi, wakayama

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