• Urbana, Illinois


Regarding the Nov. 7 Kyodo article “Japan, China engage in war of words at ASEM summit“: It is disgusting that Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda talked about honoring international law. Did Japan care about international law when its soldiers massacred millions of Chinese civilians during its occupation of much of my beloved motherland during the Pacific War?

The Japanese government and people must understand that we Chinese are no longer under the communist yoke. We are demanding that the Beijing government bear the responsibility of safeguarding our country’s territorial integrity.

For ordinary Chinese, the second anti-Japanese war has begun and will end up with full independence for our friends, the people of Okinawa. China had a civil war and had no time to deal with Japan after the war. That’s why Japan got away with its murderous acts so easily. We will make sure that this time all elements of military expansionism are eliminated from Japanese society.

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xiao jin yuan