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Regarding Greg Blossom’s Aug. 16 letter, “Wasteful ways to quench thirst“: Putting pressure on people to hydrate “less wastefully” is more of the same sadomasochistic pressure Japanese people are already under to bear up under the heat. Thirty-nine people are reported to have died of heatstroke in July. How many of these died because they put the needs of the group before their own health?

The fact is that I very seldom see another person brave enough to risk social censure by hydrating in public. As for cooling gels, sprays and other products, while I’m sure there must be people who use them at home before going out, I’ve never seen another person dare to use them in a public place.

The sooner that people find the courage to buck the peer pressure against putting one’s health first, the sooner that this pointless loss of life can be prevented.

In addition, the Japanese economy needs people to spend money, so I don’t see what harm sports drinks do. If most of the PET bottles don’t get recycled (which I’ve always suspected), that can be attributed to central and local government dishonesty rather than to the public’s honest consumption.

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jim makin

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