• Iida, Nagano


I usually don’t talk politics, but with all of the Barack Obama-hating rhetoric flying my way, I just have to say something. What really matters is whether America’s president is knowledgeable and wise enough to represent the country in foreign and domestic matters, and can put the utmost effort into improving people’s quality of life.

Obama not only is genuinely respected by the greater foreign community as a truly intelligent president and leader — a rare position for a U.S. president in recent decades — but he also has proven his concern for U.S. citizens in two ways:

First, he has effectively created a stimulus package that is revitalizing the housing economy and reducing unemployment. Second, he is the first president who seems to care whether each citizen can afford and receive proper health care. He is the first president who has created a way to save the lives of those with pre-existing illnesses … including those in need of organ transplants.

Those who complain about being forced to pay for health insurance should consider that they are paying into a program that creates at least a version of a truly workable national health insurance plan. The fact that the world’s richest country is renowned for having the worst health care system among the world’s industrialized nations should be cause for shame.

Obama is the first president who seems to be working tirelessly to truly reform the drastic problems in the United States regardless of whether he has to step on Democratic or Republican toes.

If you want Mitt Romney for president, vote for him because you like what he stands for and believe in the possibilities he may bring to the future.

If you don’t agree with Obama’s views, that’s fine, but stop putting down Obama with jokes of stupidity and demoralization. If that’s all you can do, you are just adding to America’s problems — not helping to solve them.

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