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Hats off to Thomas Clark for his defense of traditional marriage in his Feb. 26 letter, “Twisting the meaning of marriage.” Clark was spot-on when he described the tired old comparison of “gay marriage” to interracial marriage as a “flawed analogy.” My husband and I are in an interracial marriage. Every time we hear “gay marriage” equated to the type of marriage we have, we cringe.

Interracial couples, who were once banned from marrying in some U.S. states, never once sought to change the fundamental man-woman nature of marriage.

Equally absurd is Heidi Wiltamuth’s comparing same-sex couples with childless heterosexual couples in her March 1 letter, “No reason to deny marriage right.” My husband and I also fit that category because of a medical situation a few years ago. “Gay marriage” advocates need to come up with better analogies to support their position.

Wiltamuth also questions “why people like Clark are even given a public forum.” And there you have it: According to a “gay marriage” advocate, anyone who disagrees has no right to speak. Never mind that Clark and I hold the majority opinion on this issue, while Wiltamuth does not. Never have I seen a majority opinion (and the people who hold it) demonized so much.

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jennifer kim

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