I really dislike these electioneering types. Their behavior is typically very rude. For example, they will do such things as hiring out a room in City Hall and then proceed as if it is their natural right to make so much noise that users of adjacent rooms are unable to conduct their business; such is the noise level. The usual rules of deference to the needs of others simply don’t apply to electioneers during election season. Sigh.

However, one must always distinguish between bad manners that are legal and complaints about such manners that are not. And the legal noisemakers did not hesitate to do so in this case by means of the citizen’s arrest. These righteous figures will make sure that the full extent of the law is applied to the illegal complainer whilst ensuring that their legal rabble-rousing party and candidate remain completely anonymous and, therefore, free from public judgment as to whether their actions are the kind of thing one would vote for or not.

Of course I would not act as this man has done in this case, or advocate that others do so. However, now that he has, he should probably mount a defense in court (based on provocation, perhaps). If he does that, I think there is a good chance that the complainants will lose their nerve and drop the charges.

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henry hall

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