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Grant Piper’s Jan. 23 letter, “ ” TARGET=”_blank”>Safe life for celibate homebodies,” suggests that young men’s lack of interest in sex is the fault of women. Specifically, he cites “feminist ideology,” despite the studies that have shown that men who are in relationships with feminist women report the highest levels of sexual satisfaction in their relationships.

The world in which Piper lives seems to be one in which women don’t like sex. If women have no interest in sex with creators of misogynistic quasi-art, it has nothing to do with the women. If men hate or shy away from women due to their own fears and inadequacies, you can’t possibly blame that on women.

You can’t have great sex or a relationship with someone you hate or fear. Great sex doesn’t require love, but it does require a certain amiability. Lacking that, some men blame women and shy away from relationships rather than look inside themselves and recognize that in all their failures at creating a lasting relationship there is one common denominator — themselves.

heidi wiltamuth

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