• Nishi-Kasugai, Aichi


I agree that Japanese companies should make English their official language, but I don’t understand why Rakuten’s internal meetings will have to be conducted in English regardless of whether foreigners are present or not. What’s the point in making Japanese employees talk English among themselves?

Japanese communicate best among themselves in their first language. If we speak English, there will be misunderstandings. Rakuten President Hiroshi Mikitani has put a lot of pressure on Rakuten employees to spend money on lessons so that they can speak English in two years. What does he hope to accomplish with this?

To become competitive worldwide, I think English is absolutely necessary. However, I think Mikitani should value Japanese as much as English. I don’t want to criticize Mikitani’s plan, but surely he must have a good reason for his plan that hasn’t been reported. I just want to know what it is.

hitomi tsukamoto

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