Regarding Daniel Kliman’s Nov. 10 article, “U.S.-Japan collaboration on high-speed rail“: I don’t see how promoting the Japanese shinkansen really has a lot to do with the issue of the unbalanced security alliance between Japan and the United States. I don’t think the author clearly makes the link that seems to be the premise of his argument.

Japanese automobiles are parked in driveways across the U.S., and Japanese TVs, computers and other electronics fill many houses. My point is that Japanese companies are already very successful and visible in the U.S. and this has not seemed to impact the security relationship one way or another. I therefore don’t see the point of trying to connect Japanese high-speed train expertise with the military and security arrangements between both countries.

As a fan of the shinkansen, I do believe that from a transportation perspective, independent and exclusive of the argument in relation to security, that an American Shinkansen system would be very successful in many parts of America and much appreciated by American citizens.

alexander ross