Regarding Philip Brasor’s Sept. 27 Media Mix article “Denied bear necessities of life“: I want to thank Brasor for writing the truth about nature and Japan. It is not bears but people who are the problem, invading nature and leaving leftover food that animals naturally sniff out and go for.

Bears in Japan are not dangerous as long as we don’t attack them or take away their food. But we humans never seem to learn. For many Japanese especially, nature does not seem to be worth much; it’s business or money first.

I am a German citizen and permanent resident of Japan. In my free time, I roam the forests and mountains here in Gifu and find garbage of all kinds! It’s as if people have fun destroying nature and wildlife. Someday their children will not have such lovely nature to enjoy, as they will have to walk on garbage. I clean up whatever I can carry out.

I am so ashamed of the heartless, brainless people in this century. I hope Brasor continues to inform the public and local governments about their inhuman actions.

georg o.p. eschert