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Regarding Jennifer Kim’s May 14 letter, “Promiscuous lifestyle led nowhere“: Why did The Japan Times publish such a homophobic letter? So what if the assassinated San Francisco supervisor Harvey Milk (played by Sean Penn in the film) was “promiscuous”? Sexual promiscuity is not a trait seen only among homosexual males. The heterosexual crowd has its own share of promiscuous males and females.

And since when does a promiscuous lifestyle mean that one’s life is meaningless? If this was true, Lord Byron’s poetry would no longer be read and enjoyed by millions of poetry lovers across the globe! In his lifetime Byron is rumored to have had more than 3,000 sexual partners of all ages and sexes.

There have been lots of promiscuous men and women who have led very meaningful and productive lives. Why not suggest that murdered U.S. President John F. Kennedy led a meaningless life? Or Truman Capote, the gay writer who gave us “In Cold Blood” and “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”?

Kim was wrong to condemn Milk for his sexual license. He was a human rights activist and cared deeply for all his neighbors and fellow citizens in San Francisco. Conservative-minded heterosexuals love to hypocritically attack liberal gays for enjoying the “fruits of their labor.” Promiscuity is a common enough human trait irrespective of gender or sexual orientation. And AIDS is not a “homosexual” disease anymore than gonorrhea is a “heterosexual” disease. Last I heard, a virus cannot easily make gender or racial distinctions.

robert mckinney

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