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The Feb. 20 article “Aso accepts blame for Nakagawa” mentions that Prime Minister Taro Aso apologized for appointing Shoichi Nakagawa as finance minister. Although Aso should be held accountable for Nakagawa’s slurred words and groggy appearance during a news conference in Rome, the Japanese government and citizens cannot solely blame the prime minister. Instead, Aso should be respected for taking a chance on Nakagawa, knowing that he had drinking problems.

While it is sad that Nakagawa ended his career this way, the Japanese should not feel ashamed. They should feel sorry that Nakagawa was not able to stop drinking. As a student I recognize that when I visit other schools or walk around Tokyo in my school uniform, I am representing my school. As such, I should try to do my best to safeguard my school’s reputation. But if I happen to misbehave and bystanders recognize what school I attend, they must be aware that many other students at my school are well behaved.

Similarly, Nakagawa’s actions reflected on his employer, as they should do in any occupation. However, other countries should realize that Nakagawa’s actions do not mean that all Japanese people are alcoholics. The Japanese should move forward from this experience and continue being good citizens.

alexandra buccilli

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