The Japanese media is quite correct in labeling Australian organizations and individuals as hypocritical when they loudly oppose the killing of whales by Japanese, yet do not lift a finger nor utter one single word of condemnation of the cruelest wildlife slaughter on Earth: the killing of kangaroos in their millions.

This year alone over one million pregnant kangaroos will be shot, many only injured and left to die a lonely, painful death. Their babies will be pulled out of the mother’s pouch and bashed to death. The older out-of-pouch young, still dependent on their mothers, will simply be left to die of starvation, dehydration or torn to pieces by wild dogs.

Certainly the killing of whales is cruel, but the killing of kangaroo mothers and their young is far more cruel. Those who care about kangaroos would be grateful if the international spotlight were also shone on this unacceptable cruelty.

richard jones