Regarding Kazuo Ogoura’s March 28 article, “Bringing in China and India“: The circumstances under which China and India are emerging as global powers are totally different from what Japan faced before and after World War II.

Japan used to be a a power with expansionist colonial outlook with a history of brutal domination of Korea, China and other Asian countries. In that sense, Japan was a country similar to other former European colonial powers.

Second, Japan is the only country to have been subjected to nuclear annihilation and ultimate humiliation from defeat in war.

Finally, Japan does not seem to have an independent foreign policy. It practically follows the U.S. lead on almost every important global issue. For example, Japan’s policy toward India started to change only after there was a change in American policy toward India.

China and India fought to free themselves from colonial powers. Unlike Japan, these emerging powers have not had the luxury of developing under the protection of the U.S. nuclear umbrella. Therefore, strong defense capabilities come first and foremost for the protection of their economic interests.

In view of the above, China and India will take up global responsibility only to the extent that it serves their national interests. Unlike Japan, China and India will ensure that their economic and strategic sovereignty is never compromised under external pressure.

neel nag