It’s said that applause for Stalin’s speeches went on for so long because nobody wanted to be seen as the first to stop applauding. Japanese salarymen might be reluctant for similar reasons to leave the workplace. Whatever the reason, everyone seems to agree that too much of the burden of “parenting” falls on Japanese women. So what are they doing wrong?

If Japan is producing chikan (gropers) at such a rate as to necessitate women-only cars on the trains, what are Japanese mothers doing or failing to do that produces such badly brought up specimens as the average chikan? Also, I have more than once seen a pregnant woman standing on the train when surrounding seats were all occupied by young people, many of them female. Nobody gave up their seat.

Where does this lack of empathy and common sense come from? Haven’t they been brought up better than that? No doubt the ladies of Japan will smugly continue to ride the women-only cars while continuing to be unaware that they have been, are and will be responsible for the chikan problem and the accompanying lack of consideration for others. As for Japanese men taking over more of the household chores, I do so agree. Looking after a “2DK” must be absolute hell.

barry ward