Regarding the June 1 review of the film “300”: I disagree on several points. This movie depicted actual events, including many that had been recorded at the time by such men as Herodotus and others.

Yes, there were inconsistencies such as the giant rhino, and even the clothing that the Spartans wore. However, it has been recorded by historians that the Greeks of the time did abandon imperfect children, as did many other of the world’s cultures through time, and that the training a young Spartan male had to endure was extremely rigorous.

The Battle of Thermopylae (480 B.C.), which this movie depicts, was one of the seminal events in the gradual evolution of what we call democracy today.

No one has been forced to go to the theaters to see this movie. It is for each person to decide whether to see it and judge it on its merits. Apparently enough people worldwide have thought it was at least worth it to give the movie a chance.

anne abramtsev

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