The April 11 article titled “Okinawa survivors recall ordered suicides” reports new light shed on the dark side of Japan’s war history as Okinawans reveal their eye-and-ear witness accounts of military officials ordering Japanese citizens to commit suicide rather than be captured when the United States launched its invasion of Okinawa in 1945.

Revisionists, including those in the education ministry who recently ordered high school textbooks modified from “soldiers ordered suicides” to “civilians were driven to suicides,” give the impression the military was not involved, which is exactly what the government wants.

But the truth flooding from survivors’ accounts of the madness no doubt has the revisionists scurrying about working on damage control. They needn’t worry much, though, for they have a pretty good technique for spinning their versions of war history. They should just remember to apply the same formula that has worked so well over the years in their “sex slave” history makeover: Deny the evidence and demand documentation while marginalizing the accusers. No problem if victims’ statements are sworn and corroborated. They’ll likely remain merely hearsay.

robert lezzi