'Screaming Mummy' displayed in Egypt museum

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo has put on display the "Screaming Mummy," of the son of a pharaoh who may have been hanged for plotting his father's murder. Dubbed "the unknown man E," the mummy which is not usually exhibited appears to be of a man who died an agonizing death. Egypt's ...

/ Feb 11, 2018

Man punches bear attacking his puppy

A Maine man says he punched and kicked a 150-pound (68-kg) bear, scaring it away after it attacked his puppy in the woods. Twenty-nine-year-old Dustin Gray said the bear lunged at him and his 11-month-old puppy on Monday. The 6-foot-5 (196-cm) man tells the Bangor ...

/ Feb 8, 2018

Naked passenger forces plane back to Anchorage

An Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle was forced to return to Anchorage early Wednesday after a passenger locked himself in the bathroom, took off all his clothes and refused to follow crew instructions. Kate Danyluk, a passenger on the flight, told The Associated Press she ...

/ Feb 8, 2018

Connecticut professor reprimanded over selfie with severed heads

A top University of Connecticut dental school professor was reprimanded over a selfie showing him and several students with two severed heads used for medical research, according to a document obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press. The November letter by R. Lamont MacNeil, dean of ...

/ Feb 8, 2018

Mexican tries to mail a tiger cub

Mexican inspectors have found tigers in all sorts of situations: on leashes, in neighbors' yards and wandering the streets. But the office for environmental protection announced a new twist Wednesday: Someone tried to express-mail a tiger cub. The cub was sedated and packed into a plastic ...

/ Feb 1, 2018

Letter grants Michigan dog unemployment benefits

Michael Ryder had been approved for $360 every week in Michigan unemployment benefits — until the state learned he had not formerly worked at a Detroit-area restaurant chain, and is in fact a dog. Ryder is a German shepherd owned by attorney Michael Haddock on ...

Cow escapes farm to run free with wild bison in Poland

/ Jan 26, 2018

Cow escapes farm to run free with wild bison in Poland

A farmyard cow in Poland has chosen freedom this winter, roaming with a herd of bison for three months after escaping its pen. The reddish brown cow has been spotted following bison across corn and rapeseed fields bordering the Bialowieza Forest in eastern Poland as ...

Modern-day Mowgli: Indian toddler forges bond with monkeys

/ Dec 22, 2017

Modern-day Mowgli: Indian toddler forges bond with monkeys

He is still too young to talk, but a 2-year-old Indian boy has become a modern-day Mowgli and a subject of local intrigue after befriending a gang of langur monkeys. Samarth Bangari's unusual friendship was discovered when the youngster was spotted alone in his village ...