'Screaming Mummy' displayed in Egypt museum

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo has put on display the "Screaming Mummy," of the son of a pharaoh who may have been hanged for plotting his father's murder. Dubbed "the unknown man E," the mummy which is not usually exhibited appears to be of a man who died an agonizing death. Egypt's ...

/ May 24, 2018

French chateau being raffled for €11

A French chateau worth around €1.7 million is up for grabs in an online raffle — and tickets cost just €11. British philanthropist Ruth Philips is donating all the profits from the sale of her nine-bedroom Chateau de Cautine — set in 34 acres (13.7 ...

/ May 24, 2018

Ohio man shot by his own oven

An American man was seriously wounded by a gunshot after hiding a revolver in his kitchen oven. Robin Garlock of Warren, Ohio hid the weapon in the oven because he was expecting children to visit. But he forgot to tell his girlfriend, who turned on ...

/ May 17, 2018

Yanny or laurel? Sound bite sparks internet din

An audio snippet with just two syllables has ignited an internet meltdown, dividing social media users into staunchly opposed camps: do you hear "Yanny" or "Laurel?" The collective sensory experiment causing a Twitter tizzy mushroomed from a short audio clip originally published by a high ...

Time travelers invited to Stephen Hawking send-off

/ May 13, 2018

Time travelers invited to Stephen Hawking send-off

Stephen Hawking's family have invited time travelers to his memorial service, seeking to tackle one of the curiosities that eluded the British physicist during his extraordinary life. The world's most recognizable scientist died in March at age 76 after a lifetime spent probing the origins ...

Bum-biting wombat's mating habits could hold key to survival

/ May 10, 2018

Bum-biting wombat's mating habits could hold key to survival

Butt-biting is common mating behavior among certain wombats, researchers revealed Thursday, shedding light on the secret sex lives of the furry marsupials in a discovery that could protect the species as a whole from extinction. Scientists monitoring the breeding patterns of the southern hairy-nosed wombat ...

Why knuckles crack: Bubbles in joints collapse

/ Mar 30, 2018

Why knuckles crack: Bubbles in joints collapse

The problem has puzzled scientists for over 100 years, but now they appear to have cracked it: what causes the sound when you pop your knuckles? Earlier studies have established that not all joints can be cracked, and that — for those that can ...

/ Feb 21, 2018

German newspaper gets dog registered as a Social Democrat

Germany's Social Democrats (SPD) were forced on Tuesday to declare that a 3-year-old dog called Lima would not be allowed to vote with party members on a coalition deal with Angela Merkel's conservatives, despite joining the party. The top-selling Bild daily splashed a photo of ...