World / Offbeat Jan 5, 2019

Bank robber strips, waits for police near San Diego

Authorities are holding a man who tried to rob a San Diego County bank, then told frightened customers to call 911, stripped to his underwear and awaited arrest. Thirty-five-year-old Clint Gray was arrested Thursday at a Wells Fargo branch in Solana Beach. Derek Stevenson told the ...

South African musician plays guitar during brain surgery

World / Offbeat Dec 23, 2018

South African musician plays guitar during brain surgery

His skull still open, a South African musician with a brain tumor played several notes on his guitar during a successful operation to remove most of the growth. Musa Manzini's guitar-playing helped guide the medical team in their delicate task while preserving neural pathways, said ...

World / Offbeat Dec 6, 2018

Boy overturns Colorado town's ban on snowball fights

A 9-year-old boy has thrown his first snowball — legally — after a battle to overturn a century-old ordinance banning snowball fights in the small Colorado town of Severance. Dane Best said he decided to take on local authorities and persuade them to change the ...