World / Offbeat Jan 4, 2020

Singular 'they' chosen as word of the decade in U.S.

American linguists on Friday chose "they" as their word of the decade, recognizing the growing use of third-person plural pronouns as a singular form to refer to people who identify their sex as neither entirely male nor entirely female. Separately, the American Dialect Society bestowed ...

World / Offbeat Dec 26, 2019

Rare roaming wolf carries off pet kangaroo in Belgium

A wolf is believed to have snatched a domesticated kangaroo in Belgium and wounded another, a wolf expert said on Wednesday. The missing marsupial is "probably dead," eaten "as a Christmas meal" on Tuesday night, said Jan Loos, confirming information he had given to local ...

'Santa' robs Colorado bank, throws money to passersby

World / Offbeat Dec 25, 2019

'Santa' robs Colorado bank, throws money to passersby

A man with a white beard was being held on $10,000 bond for allegedly robbing a Colorado bank and throwing the stolen cash into the air while shouting, "Merry Christmas!" to passersby, police and local media reported on Tuesday. David Wayne Oliver, 65, was arrested ...

World / Offbeat Nov 30, 2019

Asbestos, Quebec, is seeking suggestions for a new town name

The town of Asbestos is moving on from its moniker with a deadly reputation. The community of about 6,800 people in southeastern Quebec is changing its name, dropping the mineral that supported the local economy for decades but is now associated with cancer. In a Facebook ...

Hair-raising truth behind pigeons' lost toes

World / Offbeat Nov 14, 2019

Hair-raising truth behind pigeons' lost toes

Next time you visit your hairdresser, spare a thought for the pigeons. For a long time scientists thought the fact that pigeons in urban environments often lost their toes was due to some form of infection or was a reaction to chemical pollutants. But now researchers ...