Tokyo police have completed their investigations into a former Singaporean diplomat who voyeuristically photographed a teenage boy at a public bathhouse in the capital in February.

Sim Siong Chye, a former counselor at the Singapore Embassy in Tokyo, has admitted to the allegations and apologized, they said.

Police on Thursday submitted their investigation papers to public prosecutors. They have decided to leave the decision on whether to press charges to the prosecutors.

Sim, 55, initially returned to Singapore in April, according to the police. In May, police requested him to return to Japan through the embassy.

On Sunday, Sim returned to Japan and agreed to a police questioning on a voluntary basis.

Sim, while serving as a diplomat in Japan, is suspected of using a smartphone to take photos of a naked 13-year-old junior high school student in the changing room of a public bathhouse in Tokyo’s Minato Ward at around 8 p.m. on Feb. 27.

Police officers, responding to a report from the bathhouse, confirmed that Sim had taken multiple images of the boy in the changing room.

Sim admitted to taking the photos and deleted approximately 700 images from his smartphone on the spot. But he refused to accompany officers to the police station, presenting his diplomatic ID.

Sim was subsequently relieved of his diplomatic duties and returned to Singapore in April. On May 2, the embassy issued a statement saying it would "cooperate with Japanese authorities and take necessary measures."

Translated by The Japan Times