The International Criminal Court has called on governments and rights groups to provide information and evidence to help it further investigate war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sudan’s brutal 14-month civil war.

ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan said in a video statement that civilians in Sudan are being attacked and killed because of the color of their skin and ethnicity, and appealed to people on the ground to send video and audio evidence as well as contacts so that The Hague-based court can investigate. The move comes days after the United Nations special adviser on the prevention of genocide said there was a strong chance genocide had been committed in Darfur — a worrying echo of events two decades ago, when the region became globally infamous for similar atrocities.

"The information being collected by my office on a daily basis from Darfur seems to disclose an organized, systematic and a profound attack on human dignity,” Khan said. "I believe based upon the information that we are receiving that we are on the precipice of something even worse.”