The government said Friday that it will employ the help of former believers and the children of believers of the Unification Church to enhance consultation for victims of malpractices involving the controversial religious group.

Specifically, former Unification Church believers and children of believers will participate as instructors in the training of consultation staff, to help them understand the feelings of victims.

The government also plans to create a system to allow agencies to share insights gained through consultation services for victims.

For children and young people who often find it difficult to recognize their status as victims or to speak up, the government will use social media to reach out to them.

It will also boost allocations of counselors and social workers at schools, and conduct lessons on human rights by lecturers from the Justice Ministry at junior high and high schools. Such lessons are currently only conducted at elementary schools.

The government plans to provide temporary shelters and employment assistance to children of believers who face difficulties securing incomes and housing. It will also give aid to secure learning opportunities for such people at high schools and universities.

The Unification Church, formally called the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, has been accused of soliciting massive donations from followers by fueling their anxieties.