Interior and security ministers from the Group of Seven major countries have agreed to step up cooperation in the fight against cross-border organized fraud.

The agreement was reached at their meeting on Sunday in the city of Mito, in Ibaraki Prefecture, which ended on the day.

In a speech at the meeting, Interpol Secretary General Jurgen Stock pointed out that there are bases in Asia and West Africa from which fraudulent phone calls are made.

The G7 ministers agreed that their countries should strengthen support for developing countries with such fraud bases to improve their policing capabilities.

They confirmed that the G7 will work together to combat organized fraud, including through a global fraud summit to be held in the U.K. in March next year.

Documents adopted at the Mito meeting included future efforts on economic security, cybercrime, child sexual exploitation and abuse, counterterrorism, and support for Ukraine.

Regarding child sexual exploitation, the G7 ministers agreed to urge global technology giants operating social media platforms to take voluntary steps, such as developing features to restrict access, improving procedures for reporting and removing harmful content, and providing key evidence to law enforcement.