Yasuhiro Sawada, vice president of Nihon University, has said that he felt "sad" about being urged by Mariko Hayashi, chair of its Board of Trustees, to quit over his handling of a drug scandal involving the school's American football club.

"I felt sad that (Hayashi) is trying to wrap the matter up in such a way," Sawada said in a recent interview, revealing that he had been under her unabated pressure to resign. Hayashi proposed the dismissal of Sawada at an extraordinary meeting of the board Tuesday, asking members to discuss the proposal.

The university's executive team, including Hayashi, views as the main issue the fact that the school, which found plant fragments and other suspicious items at the club's dormitory in Tokyo on July 6, reported this to the Metropolitan Police Department as late as July 18, or 12 days after the finding.