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It was serendipitous that I was able to enter International Christian University (ICU). This is a place that has liberty, warmth and rich academic resources for every single student on campus. I always feel a strong sense of belonging at ICU, and this feeling does not come to me in other places. Every student and professor, who have different backgrounds and are influenced by various cultures, treat each other with genuine equality and have strong bonds to one another. On campus, students and professors communicate in different languages daily. I feel like there are no boundaries of age, nationality, race or ethnicity; everyone is involved in conversations and committed to open discussions. Moreover, ICU gives unqualified support to students, ranging from scholarships and extracurricular activities to information about companies and graduate programs.

Students being bilingual or even multilingual might be one of the most recognizable features of ICU. It is a daily sight to see a Japanese student talking with a European student in English, and an American student communicating with a South Asian student in Japanese or another language. I really appreciate how ICU puts effort into developing this multilingual environment, and I have improved in my English as well as my Japanese in this environment, too.

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