Father of Japanese girl abducted from London to North Korea in 1983 receives letter from Trump


Akihiro Arimoto, whose daughter Keiko Arimoto was abducted to North Korea at the age of 23 while studying English in London in 1983, said Sunday he has received a letter from U.S. President Donald Trump.

Arimoto, 90, had sent a letter to Trump ahead of his visit to Japan in May, during which the U.S. leader met with family members of abduction victims including Arimoto.

“Akihiro — I am working hard for you. So is P.M. Abe,” the handwritten letter said, referring to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

“You will win. Great to see you!” the letter continued.

Arimoto said the letter was handed to him by a government official.

The meeting between Trump and the family members took place in Tokyo on May 27.

Arimoto said he was impressed by the earnestness with which Trump listened to him.

“I was moved to tears,” Arimoto said. “The letter has encouraged me. I am pinning great hopes on President Trump.”

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