India's Navy has confirmed it sent nuclear submarines, an aircraft carrier battle group and dozens of other naval vessels to the North Arabian sea after a suicide bombing in February led to a tense military stand-off with Pakistan.

India was conducting large-scale military exercises off its coast when a paramilitary convoy was attacked in the disputed state of Kashmir on Feb. 14, prompting the navy to 'swiftly' shift its ships to an operational deployment, the force said in a statement Sunday. The deployment consisted of nuclear submarines, a carrier group centered around INS Vikramaditya and 'scores of other ships, submarines and aircraft,' it said.

The statement, which also announced an event attended by India's navy chief, contained the most details so far about India's military mobilization following the terrorist attack. Roughly 60 navy ships, 12 coast guard vessels and 60 aircraft were engaged in the TROPEX war games exercise, the navy's biggest, when they were 'swiftly transited from exercise to operational deployment,' the navy said.